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Get Accredited

It's easy to get accredited and it is completely free
  • Why get accredited?

    By getting accredited you are telling your clients that you cater for 7GUESTS dinners. Not only that, but you are also saying that the environment in your restaurant is conducive to having a great and relaxing evening with lots of conversation.
  • What does it entail?

    We do have a brochure with what is expected from a restaurant hosting a 7GUESTS dinner. You can download it from here. There is nothing extraordinary about it, just common sense, but we like to know you are ready to give your customers a great night out. We would love to meet you and look at what your restaurant offers. Please contact us and we will come over. If we agree on the suitability of your restaurant, we will also give you a sticker to display to your customers.
  • How to get accredited

    Drop us a line giving us your name, restaurant name, address, and contact telephone number. You can do that either here or by email to restaurants@7guests.com

Partner programs

We restrict the number of partner restaurants geographically. If you are interested in getting more involved with 7GUESTS, please contact 7GUESTS here leaving your name, restaurant name,address and contact details. Alternatively you may email us at restaurants@7guests.com