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    Food is one of life's greatest pleasures, and sharing a meal together can be a wonderful, relaxed way to get to know new people.

    Just for starters, use 7Guests to look for a dinner party in your local area, or perhaps as something a little different to do while on holiday.

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    Once you've found a dinner party that sounds interesting, all you need to do is ask to join - it's as simple as that!

    Get to know a different circle of people over a relaxed meal. Good food (and a drink or two) is an age-old ice-breaker - soon you'll be sharing tasty tidbits of conversation with new friends, or perhaps meet that special someone.

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    If you can't see anything just right for you on the 7Guests menu, use your account to organise your own event. Get a group together for dinner and take the chance to meet new people.

    It could be anything, anywhere - it's all up to you. Dress up to the nines for dinner at a fine gourmet restaurant, or keep it casual and grab a pizza together.


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